What’s the Difference Between People and Objects?

Teens recently killed two homeless men, apparently just for kicks. Follow my logic. Seriously, I’m not being snarky, close-minded, or radical.

A woman can elect to have an abortion because, for whatever reason, she does not want that which she carries inside her, and it is not a person or it would be murder. Right? Not talking morality. It’s just logic. Ending the life of a person is murder, hence, not a person. Fine. That on its own makes logical sense to me.

A person can kill a pregnant woman who DID want that which she carried inside her and that person is charged with two counts of murder because that which was inside the woman WAS a person (or else it WOULDN’T be murder). Right? Just logic, not morality. That on its own makes logical sense to me as well.

A fair conclusion to end our syllogism is that the determination of what is and is not a person is whether or not he/she/it is wanted. I see no other logical explanation that allows both of the above to remain logical. I seriously think this is sound, objective logic.

In the cultural environment created by this logic, these teens could easily conclude that the homeless essentially are unwanted and therefore aren’t really people so it’s not really murder.


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